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I am Tim Djedilbaev. The motivation for writing this blog comes out of my deep (almost irrational) fascination with the brain. That's number one.

Number two:  for the last six years, I have been teaching language, academic, and research skills to applied sciences undergraduates. Given the immense intensity of the courses, I had to be resourceful to maintain both the tempo and quality of student output. It was the time when I turned to scholarly studies on the brain for support.

I realised how little I knew of the developing brain, literate brain, attending brain, emotional brain. I also realised that Neuroscience had captured my interest forever and ignoring the new calling any longer wouldn't be fair. I am 48 now. That's number three. I am starting my MSc Neuroscience degree over a week.

It isn't an easy time for anyone right now, but my family,  friends, colleagues, and quite a few universities supported this ambition of mine to engage in neuroscience professionally.


I accepted an offer of admission to the MSc programme in Cognitive Sciences and Technologies taught at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. It's a two-year interdisciplinary research program.

So my personal journey of a brain enthusiast to become cognitive scientist will be the subject of this blog. Welcome to ride along.



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